What Makes a Great Shopify Store?

Are you going to create your first online shop or offering your store a fresh look? Up to 80% of the internet users purchase the products and goods from available online services, which implies that getting your own Shopify store is a really smart idea!

But you may need some support and assistance to increase revenue and expand your Shopify store by 2020. Shopifytop is an online platform that helps you by providing the lists of Shopify stores. From Shopifytop, you can also get the Alexa rank of each store to find that store’s popularity.

If you are a newbie in e-commerce and want to earn more revenue from your Shopify store, Shopifytop is a perfect platform. This article focuses on some main points that will help you make a great Shopify store in 20202. Keep scrolling to read more.

  1. Engaging Web Design

You need the best products and services available in your niche for a better Shopify store, but an engaging web design plays a significant role in the online world. Do not overlook the significance of visual appearance.

You can get the pre-built template according to your niche and customers and customize it based on your requirements. Many websites offer great eCommerce templates with amazing layouts and clear design according to the latest web trends.

You can check the Rebook’s online store to get a better idea about engaging web design with great visual appearance.

  • Payment gateway

The main objective of an online shop is that customers have to interact with it. It is advantageous to provide a wide range of payment alternatives so that your customers can easily access your website.

This would also improve your customers’ experience. Aside from using PayPal as a payment method, you will have credit card payment choices, prepaid cards, and cash on arrival.

Don’t hesitate to have an SSL certificate on your site. To boost revenue and transactions, you should even connect up with mobile payment applications and e-wallet services to ensure that the consumers completed the purchase.

  • Amazing customer support

A specific product and attractive web design may help you increase sales, but if you want to make your online service effective, you have to deliver extraordinary customer service.

In addition, your customers have to be fully convinced that you will support them after they buy a product. Top-quality customer perception helps a lot towards brand building and turning buyers into loyal customers.

Give consumer service at all levels of the buying process to inspire online buyers to make online purchases.  

  • SEO friendly store

For creating an online store that can boost purchases and enable conversions, you will need the users to be able to locate your website through search engines. But how are you going to generate organic traffic?

You will have to make your site highly optimize. Most eCommerce big businesses do not give great attention to SEO on the justification that it is a critical measure or a funding-centric action.

Nevertheless, SEO is the most effective tool in the marketing strategy armies. The website can score better in search results if you use SEO-friendly content on the website.


These are some of the factors which can help you make a great Shopify store. There are several tools and platforms available which can be used to create the best Shopify stores.

Shopifytop is one such platform that will share the Alexa results of each Shopify store to check their popularity.

Let us know if you are using different strategies for your Shopify store in the comment section. We love to hear from you.

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