Is it worth starting a Shopify store in 2020?

Many of you reading this are wondering if it’s worth starting a Shopify store in 2020? What a crazy year this has been. Everywhere you look, it seems something is happening that’s never happened before. You might be wondering if anyone is still shopping online. Well, the answer to that question is far more apparent than what you may realize. Yes, people are still shopping online. The fact is, more people are shopping online in 2020 than during any other year. It’s true, and that’s means you have a fantastic opportunity to make money with your Shopify store.

How can you be sure people are still buying through Shopify stores?

You can visit ShopifyTop, click on the different categories, and check out individual items and stores. There you will see how well a store is doing. A key factor in a store’s growth is its Alexa ranking. If you see a store that has a high Alexa ranking, then you know the site is making plenty of money. The smaller the Alexa ranking is, the more traffic it receives from a variety of sources.

The mistake many people make is they do too much time searching social media

For whatever reason, new marketers think that social media is a good bellwether for if a product is selling on Shopify. It isn’t. What you will see on social media is a flood of cheap products and a high markup. You also have to understand that just because you see something on social media, doesn’t mean it’s selling. The vast majority of online marketers are people who fail, and it should come as no surprise that many of the online stores you see advertised on Facebook or wherever don’t make a profit.

The key to success is being able to tap into an existing market

You’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; you are only trying to make some money. You must be able to see if a product is selling and how well the store is doing. If a store is prosperous, and the product is flying off the shelves, you’ve got yourself a winner. Anything beyond that and you’re not going to have the type of success you’re after. Why settle for failure when you can quickly and easily see what’s working? Anyone who marketers products based on gut feelings is an idiot. A lack of data keeps people from succeeding, and that’s something you must realize when you’re gathering information about the products for your Shopify store.

Online is where the action is when it comes to sales

The pandemic has changed our lives forever, and there’s no doubt about that. However, we still need to buy things. 2020 and beyond offers excellent opportunities for those who want to make their living in eCommerce. People don’t want to go to the store right now, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Your Shopify store will attract customers, and you’ll see much-needed products to those who need them the most. If you’re in doubt about the strength of shopping online, don’t be, because many of the world’s wealthiest people are in the eCommerce space.

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