How to Create Your Own Shopify Store Within 1 hour?

There is no doubt that Shopify is a great eCommerce platform and become more and more popular. Are you ready to learn how to create your Shopify store? With Shopify, you can own your online store immediately whenever you came up with a wonderful product idea. Because you are no longer have to be an experienced web developer to build a website for online business, Shopify will give you all the features you might ever need.

There are 6 steps to set up a Shopify store:

  • Create a Shopify account.

Visit and follow the instructions to start the 14 days’ free trial, which doesn’t need bound with your credit card. Enter the required details and click the “Create your store now” button. From there, you will enter your business email and create a password. This is also the step where you will create your store name.

Remember to back up the details you entered, in case Shopify needs to verify your information sometimes.

  • Start to be familiar with your Shopify dashboard

On your Shopify dashboard, you’ll see a handy step-by-step outline on how to set up your shop. The first button encourages you to add a product, so go ahead and click on that and from there you’ll be instructed on what to do next. Once everything is filled out, always remember to click the “Save Product” button in the top and bottom right corners. You can check here to choose products successfully.

  • Customize your online store

There are plenty of themes that can be chosen on Shopify. The current theme will be default as “Debut” if you just create your store. But you can revise it to other themes by clicking the “online store”, and then “Themes” which include two parts: “Current themes” and “Theme library”. In the part of “Current themes”, you can hit the button that says “Customize the Look of Your Site” and from there you can modify the look of your Shopify store to reflect your brand. And In the part of “Theme library”, you can visit and download free themes from the Theme Store.

  • Sort your domain

Select a domain name by following the steps to either transfer one you already own or buy a new one. Once you have a domain name up and running you can make your Shopify store go live.

  • Select and activate your payment processor

Select the “payments” tab and choose your preferred payment processor. Before you start setting it, it’s important to know the rules and charges of each payment method. And here are a few things to consider when trying to figure out which one is best for you.

VISA and Master-card are all acceptable, and Paypal is also becoming more popular for online business. But when you make a payment, Shopify keeps a small percentage or flat fee for letting you use their service. However, If you choose to use Shopify payments and pay no transaction fee, there will be additional fees of 2%, 1%, or 0.5% for the Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans, respectively.

  • Test the ordering process

It’s necessary to test the ordering process after you’ve set everything up. Shopify also provides a service for testing. You can go to Settings, Payment providers, Third-party payment providers, then find the Bogus Gateway (for testing) and test with the notice.

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