How to Boost Sales on Shopify?

Shopify is used by hundreds of thousands of companies to market their goods online, so it has never been easy for new e-commerce companies to establish up an online shop. 

There have been over 12 million online services currently in operation in 2020, and this number is expected to rise much bigger!

Shopifytop is a platform that can help you by providing the list of Shopify stores. For the popularity of each store, Shopifytop also shares its Alexa rank, which is helpful for newbies in this filed. The ease of opening up a new shop is perfect for beginners, but it also implies growing rivalry for everybody else. Figuring out how to attract more customers is something that any e-commerce company will be focusing on.

In this article, we have discussed the ways to increase traffic and sales on your Shopify store. Keep scrolling to catch more.

  1. No one resists amazing discounts

We all know that people love discounts which show the popularity of Black Friday Cyber Monday. Your customers are always looking for great offers, amazing deals, and significant discounts, and it is also considered the best strategy to attract the audience.  

Offer the customers something irresistible. Offering discounts can also lower your average order value, which is essential in online stores, offering product bundle offer and free shipping over a specific amount.

  • Get traffic through content marketing. 

SEO, optimized content will help you get a lot of traffic to your Shopify store. We suggest you write a simple paragraph at the end of each page and avoid writing too in-depth writing.

You need to target the specific keywords and phrases which are essential for the section of each page. Several tools can help you find the targeted keywords and key phrase with high search volume.

  • Use Facebook for the recreation of your Shopify Store.

Your products can have a massive social follow-up, so much of the purchases are from social media networks. Shopify helps you to rebuild your online store on your Facebook profile using the “Store” link. The buying cycle is getting easier because buyers purchase directly from you. You don’t have to redirect the customer to the page.

The API allows your Facebook store to seamlessly synchronize purchases and stock with your Shopify profile. It allows you to handle anything from a single platform.

  • Start making the customers’ profiles.

It benefits the company a lot when you encourage the clients to build an account before placing the order. You can monitor who purchased how much from your shop and pick the appropriate buyers. As you monitor and keep records of customer data and shopping habits, you can send them focused marketing emails.

The customers can create the account before placing the order, or they will also have the ability to make an account during the checkout process.

  • Off-page and On-page SEO

It is challenging for a business to survive without organic search traffic. You should have a highly optimized website with an SEO specialist for the optimization of your website.

For the On-Page SEO, product description, Meta titles, URL structure, and mobile SEO are the important factors. For the Off-page SEO, you will have to use several other online platforms.


You will have to make several techniques and strategies to increase the sales of the Shopify store. There are several websites and apps available, which can help you with starting a new online store. Shopifytop is one of the best platforms available for getting the rank list of each store.

The Alexa Rank of each store shows each store’s popularity, and newbies can get better ideas with this feature. Shopifytop provides you with the Alexa Rank so you can increase the sales on your online store.

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