How to Start Dropshipping?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic touches each of us in different ways. As we all struggle to cope with its effects, it’s also a time where we can start our online business. I have learned how to increase traffic since I build my own website two years ago and hope it would be helpful for you.

  • Which platform shall we choose?

The key point is we should choose the one which is cheap and user-friendly. Then Shopify will be a good choice. It’s very easy to start your store on Shopify. With Shopify, you are using a cloud-based SaaS solution where Shopify provides the hosting for your store, which means there is no messy setup work is required.

  • How to Test our products by Facebook Ads?

Firstly, try to test more items and find a popular one. Only by testing broadly, can you know which item might the best selling one. And then you can focus on one item and keep finding its popular products after analyzing the data from tests.

For example, I found the results of the item “minidress” is the best among the other items I tested. Then I will keep testing all kinds of “minidress” and then know “Coloured minidress” sell best. So now I have my idea products.

Generally, I will set three Ad sets in one CBO, and test one item for each Ad set with 10 dollars. Some people may wonder how much will it cost for testing successfully. However, there is no accurate standard. Only by keep testing and trusting the data you got. Most of the top products are changeable, which requires us to keep testing new products so as to remain its higher sales.

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