How to Choose The Best Products to Sell on Shopify?

With over one million stores now using Shopify, e-commerce is officially the most effective and democratic way of getting your product on the market. So how to choose the best products to sell on Shopify? There are three important points before we start it.

1. Choosing potential products and also it should be suitable for yourself;

2. Try to learn more marketing and promoting skills;

3. Be eager to succeed!

OK! So firstly, I will specify how to choose potential products.

  • AliExpress / Amazon / eBay

Check the specific product on those platforms. If its order has over 1k, then it could be the potential product. After that, check it on Google Trends to see if the trend is up or down.

  • Google Trends

You can check according to the location or period of time. If the trend of the product is up, then you can add it to your list.

  • ShopifyTop

Shopifytop can provide the rank list for the stores of your idea products, and then you can check how your competitors set their stores. It’s very easy to get a lot of useful information on it. Just search¬†“ShopifyTop”¬†by Google and then input any keywords or areas on this website.

  • Instant Product Evaluator Tool

This tool can help you evaluate your products. There are a few questions, which may need you to do some research before answering them. So you can also have a better known about your products. They will email you the test results after you finished the answer.

 If you have chosen a very popular product, I suggest you’d better check it on Facebook. Since it might be hard to promote gain once there already have been a lot of posts or videos about your products on Facebook.

Many people may confuse why should we choose those products with high sales? Actually it’s quite easy to figure it out. It’s just the same as we buy things on the website, we would prefer to buy those popular products rather than those that might be popular in the future.

Wish you can find more suitable products for your stores!

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